Registered Massage Therapy treatments

Scalp, hands and feet 

Focusing on the powerful relaxation that comes from scalp, jaw and neck massage, along with hand and foot treatments that target reflex and tender points in the extremities, this is the choice for clients who find these are their favourite parts of a full-body massage.
Therapists: Offered by most of our RMT’s (45 mins)

Sports Massage Therapy 

Sports Massage is a form of manual therapy that is intended for the prevention against, and recovery from, activity related musculoskeletal injuries. Massage Therapists practicing sports massage incorporate soft tissue massage, stretching and strengthening exercises, and stimulating techniques to alleviate tension and improve posture to give your body its maximal potential for pain-free performance of daily and athletic activities. You do not have to be a professional or competitive athlete to enjoy the benefits of a sports massage. As a physically active individual, at any level, you may experience pain, tension, and knots as a result of your sport/activity.

(45, 60, 75, & 90 mins)

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